what different prostate cancer treatment options are there!
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There are many prostate cancer treatment options. As a patient, you should allow the doctor to assess you and recommend the right treatment for you. The following are some of the methods he or she may decide to use to treat prostate cancer:

  • Active surveillance. This method involves taking the time to watch a tumour and take note of any growth or signs of spreading to other parts of the body. Since it grows very slowly, doctors prefer to watch and see if there will be any changes in prostate growth.

  • Surgery. In this method, the whole or part of the prostate is removed, depending on how big the tumour is.

  • Robot prostatectomy. This involves the use of a less-invasive surgical method.

  • Radiation. High-energy waves are sent into the body to target and kill cancer cells and reduce the size of a tumour.

  • Hormone therapy. Prostate cancer sometimes comes as a result of bodily hormonal imbalance. The levels of the hormones in question could be lowered to stop the cells from growing.

  • Chemotherapy. This involves the use of drugs to kill the cancer cells and reduce the size of the tumour.

  • Immunotherapy. This treatment is given with the aim of boosting the immune system so that it is able to fight the disease.

At Midlands Urology, we shall advise you on which method is suitable for you.

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